At SWS Cutlery, we hand make every knife we sell, which means that each knife is a unique work of art.  We perform every step in the knifemaking process ourselves, from hand forging the blade, to heat treat, to sheathing.  This not only allows us to maintain quality, but it also ensures that every part of the knife is custom made to suit the individual knife.

We also strive to ensure that every knife is a high quality, fully functional tool, regardless of whether it is a historical reproduction or a more modern tool.  To this end, we use high quality materials, from the steel we use to forge the blades, to the adhesive used in the handles.  We also test our process to ensure it is consistent, performing simple hardness and shock tests on each blade, as well as periodic destructive tests on blades which have undergone the same processes as the blades we sell.

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