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Iron Gall Historic Calligraphy and Drawing Ink, 1 oz $12.00

Our black iron gall/oak gall ink is carefully made from fermented Aleppo oak galls, ferrous sulphate, and several other medieval and renaissance period ingredients. It is made using medieval and renaissance recipes and techniques, and is a lovely shade of black (see color swatch and writing sample above).

The ink in this listing:
-comes in a 1 oz. size glass bottle, with a screw on lid
-is excellent for dip pens and quills
-is not suitable for fountain pens - it will eat the metal bits of your fountain pen if left in contact with the pen for a prolonged period of time. And it will clog your pen.

Our iron gall/ oak gall ink is made in our very own kitchen by Lucas (our resident scribe and chemist). As part of our commitment to delivering to you only the very best historic scribal products we test every ink batch – not only on paper, but on our kitchen cabinets, floor, clothes, and hands. Thus we can assuredly assert to you that this ink is not only authentic and historic, but is also very permanent, and has a very nice flow.

Additionally, our concern for your safety prompts us to add that this ink is toxic if swallowed – containing enough ferrous sulfate in about 1/4 oz. to give an adult iron poisoning; so please, keep it out of reach of children and pets. It is not toxic on skin contact, only if ingested. If ingestion occurs, contact poison control immediately.

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Iron Gall Historic Calligraphy and Drawing Ink, 1 oz