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Calligraphy writing set - padauk dip pen, padauk inkwell, historic ink $57.00

Pens are great and all, but sometimes you need more than a pen. Like that time when you were trying to take notes and you ran out of ink in your pen. Then you needed not only a pen, but ink. And if you need ink, why not also have an ink well to hold the ink? And if you need ink and an inkwell, why not get a new pen to go with the ink and inkwell?

Coincidentally, we have just the thing for you.

Here we present a hand made historic writing kit made by us at Scribal Workshop. The dip pen (or nib holder) and inkwell are made of padauk wood, the pen is fitted with a metal ferrel to allow for the easy changing of nibs, and comes with a metal nib.

The kit includes:
-1 hand turned paduak wood dip pen with metal nib (pen is 6.25 inches in length without nib)
-1 drop in ink well made to fit out small bottles of historic ink (ink well is 1 inch tall)
-1 bottle of our historic iron gall ink, made by us

We make all of our inks here at Scribal Workshop, right here in our family business set up in the U.S.A. (more specifically, in the great state of Texas). Our historic ink is made using medieval and renaissance era recipes and materials, and is formulated for use with dip pens and quills. It is also poisonous. Please don't drink it.

The pens and inkwells are also made by us. They are hand turned by one of our two family wood turners (Lucas and Shane). No two pens are alike, as we do not use lathe duplicators.

Calligraphy writing set - padauk dip pen, padauk inkwell, historic ink