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Exotic aromatic Cedar wood Wax Tablet with bronze stylus $58.00

Wax color

Have you heard of wax tablets, but hesitated to dip your toe into the gently undulating pond of warm, waxy, possibility out of fear that wax tablets might not fit your awesomely stylish image?

Hesitate no more!

Here, for your gentle and discerning consideration we at Scribal Workshop offer these incredibly sleek, stylish, one of a kind wax tablets made from exotic hardwood and beeswax.

These lovely tablets:
• measure 4¼ x 5¾ inches when closed
• have two panels of hand-pigmented beeswax inside
• come with a hand forged bronze stylus (one end for writing, one for erasing).
• are indefinitely re-usable, and will not melt until brought until 145F or 62C.

These are made from aromatic Cedar Wood and have black pigmented wax. The bronze stylus is included with the wax tablet.

Historically, wax tablets were used from ancient Roman and Greek times through the renaissance period for everything from art design to industry records and inventory. They are panels of wood, carved out and filled with pigmented bee's wax. These are great for SCA members, renaissance festival enthusiasts, and anybody who needs a note pad.

The tablets and styli are made by us at Scribal Workshop, our family business, right here in the U.S.A. (We have outsourced our wax production to a very efficient hive of U.S. bees, but we do all the wax melting and pigment mixing - not to mention wax pouring - in house.)

Exotic aromatic Cedar wood Wax Tablet with bronze stylus