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Hand Turned Pen Quill for Calligraphy and Writing $32.00

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Quills are lovely, but all that re-cutting can be such a pain. Wood pens with steel nibs are great (and require no cutting), but sometimes they just don't have to flair quills do. So why not combine what you like about both into one admirably attractive product?

Presenting Scribal Workshop's Calligraphy and Writing turned quill pens! Great for calligraphy, general writing, or gifts for that special someone, these turned quills provide the color and flair of fancy quills with the longevity of steel nib pens.

This listing includes:

-1 hand turned quill with metal nib

The quill pens featured in this listing are hand turned by Lucas at Scribal Workshop, our family business, right here in the U.S.A. Each pen is unique, no two pens are exactly the same. All pens are fitted with a metal feral so that nibs can be change out to accommodate different writing styles.

The pens here are each made from a different wood. The wood and feather combinations available are (from left to right in the pictures above):

Elm wood with double Ostrich plum--sold
Canary wood with double Keet feather
Mesquite wood with Barred Turkey feather (photo #3)
Purple heart wood with Purple Ostrich plum--sold
Padauk wood with Silver Pheasant feather (photo #5)

For international orders other than the UK or Canada, please convo (contact) me and I will give a shipping quote and set up a special listing for you.

If you are in need of ink to accompany your shiny new turned quill pen, Scribal Workshop also offers historic hand crafted inks made using period ingredients, recipes, and techniques in our Etsy shop.

Hand Turned Pen Quill for Calligraphy and Writing