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Washable Fountain Pen Ink, 2 oz red, bear bottle $10.95

Curious cat? Disorderly descendants? Hair raising handwriting habits?

If any, or all, of these factors have forestalled your initiation into the intriguing world of ink, then forestall no more, for Scribal Workshop has a solution!

Here we present Scribal Workshop’s Washable Red Fountain Ink, also knows as our RaspBeary Ink. This washable ink is a bright, solid red, made by our resident scribe and chemist, Lucas.

The ink in this listing
-can be used in fountain pens or with dip pens or brushes
-comes in your choice of bottle - plastic square (60 ml), or plastic bear (2 oz) (lid color
may vary with bear bottles)
-is removable with soap and water, washing soda, or color safe bleach (The chemist
checked. On the carpet.)

Please be aware that while the lids on these bottles are sturdy, they are not Toddler Proof, so we still recommend caution around children, because we find that the best messes are deferred messes.

As with all of our products, this ink was made (and of course bottle and labeled) by us at Scribal Workshop, our family business, here in the U.S.A.

Washable Fountain Pen Ink, 2 oz red, bear bottle