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Iron Gall Ink Kit - DIY $35.00

You know the tiny little chemist trapped inside your brain who's been wondering how we make ink, and if you could too, and how you would if you could? Well, your inner chemist need wonder no more, because Scribal Workshop now offers a make your own iron gall ink kit. This kit contains:

All the dry ingredients needed to make iron gall ink
A pair of gloves
Filter cloth
Plastic Spoon
Ink recipe and instructions

You will also need a pint (2 cup) jar with lid, wine, vinegar, and water---- which are not included in the kit.

The kit is made in the U.S.A. by us at Scribal Workshop. Some of the ingredients in this kit are toxic if ingested, so please remember to treat them with care and keep them safely out of reach of children.

Iron Gall Ink Kit - DIY