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Two Handcut Quills $11.00

Feather harvesting can be, well, difficult. There's the chasing, the squawking, the flapping, and most of all, the pecking. And once you've procured your feather there's the cleaning, hardening, and cutting, all involving sharp implements and high temperatures. Fortunately for you, Scribal Workshop offers harvested, hardened, and cut quills ready for writing.

This listing includes:
- two hand-cut and hardened quills (the pictures are representative of what you can get)

These are great for historic re-enactments from the early middle ages thru the civil war period, or for anyone looking for historic writing implements.
Please specify whether you would like barred turkey or grey goose quills, and if you want fine point, broad point, or a mixture.

The quills have been cleaned, hardened, and cut according to medieval and renaissance instructions by us at Scribal Workshop, here in the U.S.A.

Note: Please keep in mind that we only prepare the feather, we don't grow them - the birds do that. As such, we request that you wisely expect some variation in the feathers' appearance. Barred turkey quills in particular vary a lot. Some are rather full, with less distinct color changes (as exemplified in the feather foremost in the first picture), and some are longer, narrower, and have a more distinct color change (as shown in the feathers in the left corner of the first picture). However, they all work!

Also Note: The book under the quills is for display only, and is not for sale in this listing.

Two Handcut Quills