Knives FAQ

  • From what are your knives made?

    Our knives are made from low alloy, high carbon steels, meaning the alloys we use are mostly made of iron, with comparatively small amounts of other metals, but have enough carbon to ensure a hardened blade which will hold it's edge well. Currently we use primarily 1084 and 52100, but we have also been known to use O1, and are looking into 80CRV2.
  • Are "hand forged" knives actually better than other knives?

    We don't know. There are a lot of explanations out there about why forging a blade to shape is better than grinding a blade to shape from pre-forged bar stock. Some are more plausible than others, but none are well proven, so we make no claims either way.
  • What do you mean whey you say "stabilized" wood?

    We mean that we have taken natural wood and embedded it with a synthetic polymer in order to get a material that has the best properties of both, namely the toughness of wood and the water resistance of plastic. It looks like wood, because it is, but it is less prone to shrink or expand when exposed to water - in other words, it's dimensions are stable.