Historic Ink

Renaissance and Medieval Period Inks

Our historic inks are formulated using period recipes and analysis of period inks.  These inks are designed for using with genuine quills and dip pens, NOT fountain pens, as they will not work correctly in fountain pens, and will either corrode, or clog (or both) the inner workings of a fountain pen.

As these are made using historic recipes and techniques there will be some variation between each batch; however, the flow of every batch of ink is tuned by hand to give good flow properties from a quill.

Below you will find the current inks we produce. If you would like to purchase any of our inks please go to our Etsy Shop.


    Black Iron Gall Ink

A thick black ink that initially writes grey and darkens to dark black with time. Very lightfast. This ink is derived from medieval recipes and analysis of insular manuscripts.  The oak galls are fermented to fully extract and age the ink to give a pure black.  Below is a color swatch.

    Red Brazilwood Ink

A moderately thick brilliant red ink with moderate lightfastness. This ink is made using a traditional recipe extracting the brazilwood in vinegar.  It is an ink that was most commonly used for drawing ruling lines during the renaissance.  Below is a color swatch.


  Olive-Green Buckthorn Berry Ink

A moderately thick olive green semi-transparent ink with beautiful shading. Poor lightfastness.  This ink is made using an extrapolated recipe.  Recipes for pigments made from buckthorn are readily available; however, no documented historic recipes for the ink have been found.  Below is a color swatch.