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  • A thanks and a possible time limit for The Scribal Work Shop

    I hope not to post too much content like this, but I think this one needs to be here, at the beginning, for good or ill.

    As some know, and others don't, The Scribal Work Shop is now my full time job.  To some this sounds like we were so profitable that I could quit my day job.  It isn't....yet.  A lot of people know what happened to make this possible, but some don't, so here is what has happened.

    It all started because our family felt a huge push to start our own business.  We started making soap and trying to sell it at local trade days, this didn't exactly go well, we spent more to be at each trade days than we made.

    I then applied to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival and was accepted as an artisan.  We had a blast, but it was a TON of work.  It was successful enough to give it a go the next year.

    Oh, yeah one thing I haven't mentioned, my day job was making me sick, and was a terrible work environment.  I came home almost every day with a migraine, the kind where you go blind and can't think and fall asleep because your body can't do anything else.  I truly think it was my mother and wife's desire to keep me alive that really precipitated this whole event.  There were several events that had to happen before I could quit my job.  We had to buy a house first that was big enough for all of us and reduced the over-all bills.

    We bought a trailer on 2 acres of land that is big enough for all of us, it is a tight squeeze, but we fit.  Right after we bought this house, I quit my job, my parents moved in with us, and we started buying chickens, goats, etc. so we could live a cheaper more sustainable life, with my parents and my wife have had to give up a lot.  My parents gave up short commutes so they could help support this, they gave up any and all of their extra income (they didn't make that much in the first place) so they could help, they gave up peace and quiet.  They gave up that little bit of relaxation time of watching your favorite TV show when you get home from work. They and my wife gave up having a house to themselves.  All three of them have given up money, time, energy, peace and quiet, alone time, etc, etc all to trade it for more work, more driving, so I have a chance to start this business.  Yes they hope to be able to help continue the business and become employed by the Scribal Work Shop, but there is nothing to indicate that this will happen.

    Why do it? Two reasons, they want to keep me healthy and they might just be as crazy as I am.  Whether this works or not, I will owe a huge debt of thanks to my wife and parents that I will never be able to repay.

    Because of how financial matters are arranged right now, all money that comes into the business goes directly to purchasing raw materials, funding marketing efforts, and directly growing the business.

    Why share all of this? Because I think my wife and parents deserve recognition for the sacrifices they have made and are making to try and make this business a reality. But also because there is a time limit on this venture.  1 year.  If we don't see a certain amount of success, or at least the indication of success in 1 year, Scribal Work Shop will go back to being my hobby, and I will go back to working for "the man".

    It is our starting patrons who make this possible, we appreciate all of the effort everyone has put in to spread the word.

    Most of all, thank you so much Mom, Dad, and Bethany!

    Scribe and Chemist,

    Lucas Tucker

    Aug 21, 2012